Date of Award

Spring 4-20-2016

Thesis Access

Open Access Honors Thesis

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Faculty Advisor

Shooshan Danagoulian


Today, obesity is one of the largest health problems in America. There are several factors that contribute to obesity – but one problem that has been rising in this generation is the issues of children deciding to play video games, watch television, or spend time on the computer instead of healthier alternatives such as exercising or playing sports. One factor that could attribute to this is the large advancements in technology over the last few decades. The purpose of this research is to identify the relationship between electronics and obesity by analyzing data provided by the NHANES codebook. In this paper, there will be three different types of analyses: (1) Averages and Variances, (2) Relationship between the Electronics Variables and General Health, and (3) Linear Regression. Furthermore, this paper will use two separate sets of data from the NHANES codebook for each of the three types of analyses for comparison purposes: (1) The Overall Population and (2) The Population of Those 21 Years Old and Younger.