Date of Award

Winter 5-2-2016

Thesis Access

Open Access Honors Thesis

Degree Name


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Leah van Belle


This paper examines the experiences of student teaching interns in paired-placements in an urban school setting, specifically how the pairs experience collaboration between themselves, mentor teachers, and university field instructors. In addition, the paper will examine how the paired teaching interns are able to perceive instruction that the students received. Using data from two participant surveys collected from student-teaching interns in paired-placements, results were compared with studies from academic literature and my own experience as a paired teaching intern. A thematic analysis was carried out with the data, in which was found evidence that the teaching interns enjoyed the extra support a partner provided and that students in the classroom appeared to have benefited from the additional resource. The data provided additional evidence that there was a lack of clarity between interns, mentor teachers, and university field instructors. The paper will propose strategies that will work to avoid these issues in future implementations.