Volume 8, Issue 1 (2012) The Grey Issue

Guest Editor's Note (an extract)

When we speak of grey as a location, placing a thing into a grey area, the color represents territory where the definite becomes lost. Grey lets us know that the truth is not always clear; even the most well-known paths can turn strange when a low grey cloud of fog rolls in. Grey is an act of subtraction, the loss of sun, joy, and color. Regrets are the natural property of grey hairs, said Dickens. Since grey is a symbol for the loss of youth, it seems a fitting issue for a theme about youth who are lost.

Alissa Nutting


The Grey Issue
Kate Bernheimer

The Grey Issue

Kate Bernheimer
Guest Editor
Alissa Nutting, John Carroll University
Contributing Editor
Timothy Schaffert, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Advisory Board
Donald Haase, Wayne State University
Maria Tatar, Harvard University
Marina Warner, University of Essex, UK
Jack Zipes, University of Minnesota
Cover Art
"Born" by Kiki Smith
J. Johnson