Volume 3, Issue 1 (2007) The Violet Issue

Editor's Note (an excerpt)

In Memoriam
Sarah Hannah

“At an early age, children are weaned on the marvelous, and later on they fail to retain a sufficient virginity of mind to enjoy fairy tales,” Andre Breton wrote in 1924. “There are fairy tales to be written for adults,” he continued. “Fairy tales almost blue.” Violet flowers are often described as “almost-blue,” which is how I chose this color; or almost how.

For a long time I was foolishly excited about writing this Editor’s Note, full of happiness about The Violet Issue, the third issue of Fairy Tale Review, with its diverse contents and new voices and magical language. This is the first issue that is very happily a copublication with the University of Alabama Press. So much of this issue came as a surprise, as a gift.

But then one of my oldest friends, one of our finest poets, and one of the most ardent supporters of Fairy Tale Review, left us forever. Sarah Hannah took her own life in May, a week before her 41st birthday. This issue is dedicated to her.

Kate Bernheimer


The Violet Issue
Kate Bernheimer

The Violet Issue

Kate Bernheimer
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