Volume 18, Issue 1 (2022) The Lilac Issue

This Editor’s Note has three parts. As with all of my Editor’s Notes, I ask that you daydream while you read it. My students are often delighted that I encourage them to daydream during my lectures, even to sleep. I stand by this policy with intellectual rigor. There is a fairy tale theory hidden inside it. And besides, sleep and dreams are the themes of this year’s issue.


The Lilac Issue
Kate Bernheimer

The Lilac Issue

Founding Editor
Kate Bernheimer, University of Arizona
Prose Editor
Benjamin Schaefer
Poetry Editor
Jon Riccio
Advisory Board
Donald Haase, Wayne State University
Maria Tatar, Harvard University
Jack Zipes, University of Minnesota
Associate Prose Editors
Wendy Oleson, Jasmine Sawers
Associate Poetry Editors
Adam Al-Sirgany, Nazli Pearl, Matthew Schmidt, Billie R. Tadros
Original Print Design
J. Johnson, DesignFarm
Cover Art
Kiki Smith, "Born"
(courtesy of the artist)
Andrew Katz