Volume 14, Issue 1 (2018) The Charcoal Issue

By the time charcoal arrives in the incarnation we know best, it has already lived two distinct lives. The first life is in the shape of the living—mostly in the form of a tree, although it can be any plant, really, or even an animal. The second life is in the living thing’s annihilation.



The Charcoal Issue
Kate Bernheimer

The Charcoal Issue

Founder & Editor
Kate Bernheimer, University of Arizona
Managing Editor
Joel Hans
Prose Editor
Benjamin Schaefer
Poetry Editor
Jon Riccio, University of Southern Mississippi
Advisory Board
Donald Haase, Wayne State University
Maria Tatar, Harvard University
Jack Zipes, University of Minnesota
Associate Prose Editors
Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, Jessica C. Malordy, Kristen Renee Miller, Wendy Oleson, Cat Powell
Associate Poetry Editors
Nadia Choudhury, Mikko Harvey, Michelle Rosquillo, Matthew Schmidt, Rebecca Valley
Original Print Design
J. Johnson, DesignFarm
Cover Art
Kiki Smith, "Born"
(courtesy of the artist)
Tara Reeser