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The present monograph focusses on the Akawaio and Arekuna tribes who inhabit the Upper Mazaruni area of Guyana. We have tried in this effort to provide the kind of basic cultural and linguistic information about Akawaios and Arekunas that non-Amerindian people including teachers, administrators and employers should find valuable and we have tried to present these ideas in as non-technical a style as possible. Section II of this work is devoted to lists of words which we think would help Coastlanders and other non-Amerindians to begin to interact socially with Akawaios and Arekunas. In the early chapters we have presented some features of the social habits of Akawaios and Arekunas which we think non-Amerindian Guyanese should be acquainted with if they are to understand the behaviour of Akawaios and Arekunas.


Anthropological Linguistics and Sociolinguistics | Indigenous Studies | Latin American Languages and Societies


© 1977 The Amerindian Languages Project, University of Guyana.

Walter F. Edwards, Director

K. Sugrim, Research Fellow

L. Anselmo, D. Fox, E. Brooks, Research Assistants

R. Bollers, Secretary

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