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Because of its probable role as a Pleistocene refuge, and its range in altitude, the 321 km2 Impenetrable Forest has one of the richest floras and faunas in Africa. Results of an ecological survey conducted between January 1983 and September 1984 show that elephants in this forest number fewer than 30, poaching being a primary cause for this low number. Elephants use only about 19% of the Forest area and then mostly within areas of low human activity. Assessments of the status of elephants in other forests in Uganda, and research on the role of elephants in these forests, are urgently needed so that appropriate management programs can be undertaken.

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Butynski, T. M. (1986). Elephants in the Impenetrable (Bwindi) Forest, Uganda. Elephant, 2(2), 42-43. Doi: 10.22237/elephant/1521731999