David Kazanjian

Cover Page Footnote

This essay began as a talk at the Evasions of Power Conference at the University of Pennsylvania in 2007; thanks to Aaron Levy of the Slought Foundation for including me in the conference. An earlier version of this essay, “(Re)flexion: Genocide in Ruins,” was published in Evasions of Power: On the Architecture of Adjustment, ed. Katherine Carl, Aaron Levy, and Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss (Philadelphia: Slought Foundation, 2011), 155–78. The participants in the GASWorks works-in-progress seminar in Gender, Sexuality, and Women Studies seminar in women’s studies at Penn read and discussed a draft in the fall of 2008; thanks to those who attended, and to Penn Women’s Studies—especially Shannon Lundeen, Luz Marin, Demie Kurz, and Heather Love—for organizing the seminar. The paper was also presented and discussed in Istanbul at the Hrant Dink Memorial Workshop, May 2011; I thank the participants, especially Ays¸e Gül Altınay, for their feedback. Karen Beckman, Emma Bianchi, Heather Love, Neery Melkonian, Josie Saldaña, Melissa Sanchez, and Dillon Vrana discussed the essay with me at length and offered many insights. I thank the editors and anonymous reviewers from Discourse, particularly James Cahill and Genevieve Yue, for their helpful suggestions and enthusiastic interest in the piece. Finally, Tina Bastajian generously conferred with me about her film over e-mail between Amsterdam and New York City—a diasporic praxis indeed.