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Promoting self-determination has become "best practice" in the education of students with disabilities. We synthesize the decade's work in this area as a foundation for considering issues pertaining to promoting self-determination in light of the current educational context. We particularly examine the role of promoting self-determination in light of federal standards-based reform initiatives. We conclude that school reform efforts provide an opportunity to infuse instruction in self-determination into the education programs of all students, including students with disabilities. Many state and local standards include a focus on component elements of self-determined behavior and promoting self-determination enables students to perform more effectively within other content domains. The importance of personnel preparation to enable teachers to promote self-determination is discussed.


Disability and Equity in Education | Education | Educational Administration and Supervision


This article is the publisher's (Council for Exceptional Children) version, previously appearing as: Wehmeyer, M., Field, S., Doren, B., Jones, B. & Mason, C. (2004). Self-determination and student involvement in standards-based reform. Exceptional Children, 70 (4),413-425.

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