Volume 4, Issue 1 (2018)

From the Editors

Informed Consent

Clinical Decision Reports


The transfusion threshold for upper gastrointestinal bleeding is a hemoglobin of 7.0 g/dl or less
Matthew J. Ouellette , D.O.; Katherine S. Lee , M.D.; Daniel P. Noack; Aaron Simpson , M.D.; Rana K. Zaban , D.O.; Chelsea Gonzalez , D.O.; and Racha El-Ladki , D.O.



Coronary stents—the role of experience and evidence in making clinical decisions
Elise Anderson, Aria Ganz-Waple, Nikola Rakic, Eric Blake, Destiny Kellam, Nadeen Mansour, David Aguilar, Jessica A. Johns, and Jerry Chen

Letters to the Editor


Letter to the Editor: Patient and Staff Experiences with Inpatient Video Monitoring
Eric Shoemaker MD, Aysha Athar DO, Jonathon Brewis MD, Daniel Angell DO, and Rana Zaban DO

Clinical Research In Practice 4(1)


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