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An open access, peer reviewed journal dedicated to the scholarship of clinical decision science. Clinical decision science explores how the complex interacting aspects of clinical care are described, understood, shared, and explained. We define clinical decision sciences as a holistic examination of how clinical decisions are made. This includes both biomedical and medical social sciences, in addition to other ways of understanding human experience.

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Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1 (2023)

From the Editors

Informed Consent


Mechanical thrombectomy for intermediate risk pulmonary embolism
James Peter Meza, Marissa Costello MD, Angela Moughni MD, and Nicholus Yee MD

Translational Social Science


Professionalism and moral injury in a capitalist healthcare system
James Peter Meza MD, PHD; Kassem Soufan MD; Michael Francis DO; and Abbass Berjaoui MD

Clinical Decision Reports


Renal disease rehabilitation and delaying dialysis
Spencer Brown and Natalie Sterner


Letter to the Editor

Clinical Research In Practice 9(1)