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Book Review


A History of Modern Criticism: Vol. III, The Age of Transition (René Wellek) (Reviewed by Richard Harter Fogle, Tulane University)

The Later Nineteenth Century (René Wellek) (Reviewed by Richard Harter Fogle, Tulane University)

Prose Styles: Five Primary Types (Huntington Brown) (Reviewed by Joan Webber, The Ohio State University)

Twelfth Night and Shakespearian Comedy (Clifford Leech) (Reviewed by Robert Ornstein, Western Reserve University)

Pioneers and Caretakers: A Study of 9 American Women Novelists (Louis Auchincloss) (Reviewed by John J. Murphy, Merrimack College)

Modern Literature, I: The Literature of France (Henri Peyre) (Reviewed by Sidney D. Braun, Wayne State University)

Turner: Imagination and Reality (Lawrence Gowing) (Reviewed by Sadayoshi Omoto, Michigan State University)

The Clairvoyant Eye: The Poetry and Poetics of Wallace Stevens (Joseph N. Riddel) (Reviewed by Helen Hennessy Vendler, Boston University)