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Book Review


The Rhetorical World of Augustan Humanism: Ethics and Imagery from Swift to Burke (Paul Fussell) (Reviewed by A. Dayle Wallace, Wayne State University)

Romantic Poets and the Epic Tradition (Brian Wilkie) (Reviewed by Robert F. Gleckner, University of California, Riverside)

Shelley's "Prometheus Unbound": A Critical Reading (Earl R. Wasserman) (Reviewed by Carl Woodring, Columbia University)

Mark Twain, Ecrivain de l'Ouest: Regionalisme et humour (Bernard Polio) (Reviewed by Everett Carter, University of California, Davis)

Dostoevsky's Quest for Form: A Study of his Philosophy of Art (Robert Louis Jackson) (Reviewed by Lee T. Lemon, University of Nebraska)

ReJoyce (Anthony Burgess) (Reviewed by Richard M. Kain, University of Louisville)

Joyce-Again's Wake: An Analysis of "Finnegans Wake" (Bernard Benstock) (Reviewed by Richard M. Kain, University of Louisville)

Scandinavian Elements of "Finnegans Wake" (Dounia Bunis Chrisiani) (Reviewed by Adaline Glasheen, )

Nine Basic Arts (Paul Weiss) (Reviewed by Merle E. Brown, Granville, Ohio)