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The Artifice of Reality: Poetic Style in Wordsworth, Foscolo, Keats, and Leopardi (Karl Kroeber) (Reviewed by Glauco Cambon, Rutgers University)

Alexander the Great in Greek and Roman Art (Margarete Bieber) (Reviewed by Bernard Goldman, Wayne State University)

Thomas Traherne: Mystic and Poet (K. W. Salter) (Reviewed by Alexander Sackton, University of Texas)

Wordsworth's Poetry, 1787-1814 (Geoffrey H. Hartman) (Reviewed by Daniel Hughes, Wayne State University)

The Suspect in Poetry (James Dickey) (Reviewed by Maria Rita Rohr, University of Venice, Italy)

The Sense of Life in the Modern Novel (Arthur Mizener) (Reviewed by Oscar Cargill, New York University)