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Book Reviews

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Book Review


The World of Harlequin (Allardyce Nicoll) (Reviewed by Kenneth M. Cameron, University of Rochester)

André Malraux: Tragic Humanist (Charles D. Blend) (Reviewed by Victor Brombert, Yale University)

Proust's Binoculars (Roger Shattuck) (Reviewed by Victor Brombert, Yale University)

Musical Backgrounds for English Literature, 1580-1650 (Gretchen Lutke Finney) (Reviewed by Herbert M. Schueller, Wayne State University)

The Vast Design: Patterns in W. B. Yeats's Aesthetic (Edward Engelberg) (Reviewed by Robert L. Peters, University of California, Riverside)

The Sculpture and Ceramics of Paul Gauguin (Christopher Gray) (Reviewed by Victor H. Miesel, University of Michigan)

Modern American Criticism (Walter Sutton) (Reviewed by Arnold L. Goldsmith, Wayne State University)

William Faulkner: The Yoknapatawpha Country (Cleanth Brooks) (Reviewed by Richard P. Adams, Tulane University)