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Book Reviews

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Book Review


Music in Shakespearean Tragedy (F. W. Sternfeld) (Reviewed by John P. Cutts, Wayne State University)

Picasso's Guernica: The Genesis of a Painting (Rudolf Arnheim) (Reviewed by Victor H. Miesel, The University of Michigan)

Sir Constantine Huygens and Britain: 1596-1687: A Pattern of Cultural Exchange (A. G. H. Bachrach) (Reviewed by S. A. Golden, Wayne State University)

James Gibbons Huneker: Critic of the Seven Arts (Arnold T. Schwab) (Reviewed by David W. Beams, Columbia College, Columbia University)

Borodin (Serge Dianin (tr. Robert Lord)) (Reviewed by L. E. Cuyler, The University of Michigan)

A First-Draft Version of "Finnegans Wake,"' (David Hayman) (Reviewed by Fred H. Higginson, Kansas State University)

A Second Census of "Finnegans Wake": An Index of the Characters and Their Roles' (Adaline Glasheen) (Reviewed by Fred H. Higginson, Kansas State University)