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Book Review

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Book Review


The Material Ghost: Films and Their Medium (Gilberto Perez) (Reviewed by Lesley Brill, Wayne State University)

Hegel After Derrida, (Ed. Stuart Barnett) (Reviewed by Joseph G. Kronick, Louisiana State University)

Enlarging America: The Cultural Work of Jewish Literary Scholars, 1930–1990 (Susanne Klingenstein) (Reviewed by William Galperin, Rutgers University, New Brunswick)

Philo-Semitism in Nineteenth-Century German Literature (Irving Massey) (Reviewed by Katharina Gerstenberger, University of Cincinnati)

Satire and Romanticism (Steven E. Jones) (Reviewed by John Rieder University of Hawai’i, Manoa)

The Cast of Characters: A Reading of Ulysses (Paul Schwaber) (Reviewed by Patrick A. McCarthy, University of Miami)