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Book Review


The Poetics of Sensibility: A Revolution in Poetic Style (Jerome McGann) (Reviewed by Benjamin Friedlander, University of Maine)

Writing the English Republic: Poetry, Rhetoric, and Politics, 1627–1660 (David Norbrook) (Reviewed by Fritz Levy, University of Washington)

Men in Love: Masculinity and Sexuality in the Eighteenth Century (George Haggerty) (Reviewed by David W. Toise, Long Island University, Brooklyn)

Gentile Tales: The Narrative Assault on Late Medieval Jews (Miri Rubin) (Reviewed by Elisa Narin van Court, Colby College)

Envisioning Africa: Racism and Imperialism in Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” (Peter Edgerly Firchow) (Reviewed by Brian W. Shaffer, Rhodes College)