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Book Review


Rethinking the Rhetorical Tradition: From Plato to Postmodernism (James L. Kastely) (Reviewed by Richard Marback, Wayne State University)

Mania and Literary Style: The Rhetoric of Enthusiasm from the Ranters to Christopher Smart (Clement Hawes) (Reviewed by Teresa Feroli, University of Tulsa)

Contemporary British Poetry: Essays in Theory and Criticism (Ed. James Acheson and Romana Huk)
Out of Dissent: A Study of Five Contemporary British Poets (Clive Bush)
(Reviewed by Keith Tuma, Miami University)

The Evolution of Allure: Sexual Selection from the Medici Venus to the Incredible Hulk (George L. Hersey) (Reviewed by Barbara Dickson, Wayne State University)

Mistaken Identities: Poetry and Northern Ireland (Peter McDonald) (Reviewed by Eamonn Wall, Creighton University)

Life-Energy Reading: Wilhelm Reich and Literature (Arthur Efron) (Reviewed by Kingsley Widmer, Cardiff by Sea, California)