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Book Review


The New Romantics: A Reappraisal of the New Criticism (Richard Foster) (Reviewed by Murray Krieger, University of Illinois)

The Intellectual Hero: Studies in the French Novel, 1880-1955 (Victor Brombert) (Reviewed by Germaine Brée, University of Wisconsin)

Some Graver Subject: An Essay on Paradise Lost (J. B. Broadbent) (Reviewed by Walter MacKellar, Queens College)

Radical Innocence: The Contemporary American Novel (Ihab Hassan) (Reviewed by William Wasserstrom, Syracuse University)

The Continuity of American Poetry (Roy Harvey Pearce) (Reviewed by Richard Beale Davis, The University of Tennessee)

The Tragedy of Arthur: A Study of the Alliterative "Morte Arthure" (William Matthews) (Reviewed by T. C. Rumble, Wayne State University)

The Universal Self: A Study of Paul Valéry (Agnes E. Mackay) (Reviewed by Glenn S. Burne, Kent State University)