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Book Reviews

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Book Review


Rolf Nesch: Graphik, Materialbilder, Plastik: Einführung (Alfred Hentzen) (Reviewed by Ernst Scheyer, Wayne State University)

Benedetto Croce, Philosopher of Art and Literary Critic (Gian N. G. Orsini) (Reviewed by Richard Foster, University of Minnesota)

Sartre, the Origins of a Style (Frederic Jameson) (Reviewed by Germaine Brée, University of Wisconsin)

The Hero in French Decadent Literature (George Ross Ridge) (Reviewed by Henri Peyre, Yale University)

Robert Penn Warren: The Dark and Bloody Ground (Leonard Casper) (Reviewed by Charles G. Hoffman, University of Rhode Island)

A Troubled Eden: Nature and Society in the Works of George Meredith (Norman Kelvin) (Reviewed by Robert L. Peters, Wayne State University)

The Poems of Edward Taylor (ed. Donald E. Stanford) (Reviewed by Chester E. Jorgenson, Wayne State University)