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Book Review


Elegy & Paradox: Testing the Conventions (W. David Shaw) (Reviewed by William A. Ulmer)

Toward a Working-Class Canon: Literary Criticism in British Working-Class Periodicals, 1816-1858 (Paul Thomas Murphy) (Reviewed by Kevin Gilmartin)

Ecological Literary Criticism: Romantic Imagining and the Biology of Mind (Karl Kroeber) (Reviewed by Timothy Morton)

Aubrey Beardsley, Dandy of the Grotesque (Chris Snodgrass) (Reviewed by Linda G. Zatlin)

Narrative Ethics (Adam Zachary Newton) (Reviewed by Gary Handwerk)

"Antike Roman": Power Symbology and the Roman Play in Early Modern England, 1585-1635 (Clifford Ronan) (Reviewed by Irving Massey)

Jews in Today's German Culture (Sander L. Gilman) (Reviewed by Jack Zipes)

Terrible Honesty: Mongrel Manhattan in the 1920's (Ann Douglas) (Reviewed by John E. Bassett)