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Book Review


Tradition Counter Tradition: Love and the Form of Fiction (Joseph Allen Boone) (Reviewed by Linda Kauffman, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Nostalgia and Sexual Difference: The Resistance to Contemporary Feminism (Janice Doane and Devon Hodges) (Reviewed by Sally Shuttleworth, University of Leeds)

Patte,."s of Intention: On the Historical Explanation of Pictures (Michael Baxandall) (Reviewed by Ann Bermingham, University of California, Irvine)

Theatrical Legitimation: Allegories of Genius in Seventeenth-Century England and France (Timothy Murray) (Reviewed by Jonathan Goldberg, The John Hopkins University)

Reconstructing Individualism. Autonomy, Individuality, and the Self in Western Thought (Thomas C. Heller, Morton Sansa, and David E. Wellbery) (Reviewed by John Jay Baker, University of Tulsa)

Poetic Form and British Romanticism (Stuart Curran) (Reviewed by Paul H. Fry, Yale University)

Fictional Worlds (Thomas G. Pavel) (Reviewed by Michael Cornis-Pop, Harvard Center for Literary Studies)

Cinema 1: The Movement-Image (Gilles Deleuze) (Reviewed by George Wilson, The John Hopkins University)

Decomposing Figures: Rhetorical Readings in the Romantic Tradition (Cynthia Chase) (Reviewed by Jonathan Baldo, Eastman School of Music)

The Tain Of The Mirror: Derrida And The Philosophy Of Reflection (Rodolphe Gasché) (Reviewed by Henry Staten, University of Utah)

Literature and History: Theoretical Problems and Russian Case Studies (Gary Saul Morson) (Reviewed by Thomas D. Cohen, New School for Social Research)