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Book Review


The Pastoral Art of Robert Frost (John F. Lynen) (Reviewed by Hyatt H. Waggoner, Brown University)

Theme and Structure in Swift's "Tale of a Tub" (Ronald Paulson)
Smollett and the Scottish School (M. A. Goldberg)
(Reviewed by S. A. Golden, Wayne State University)

The Idea of Poetry in France (Margaret Gilman)
The Writer's Way in France (Robert Greer Cohn)
(Reviewed by J. L. Salvan, Wayne State University)

Mark Twain and Huck Finn (Walter Blair) (Reviewed by Vivian C. Hopkins, College of Education, Albany, State University of New York)

Myth and Mythmaking (ed. Henry A. Murray) (Reviewed by George Ross Ridge, Georgia State College)

The Style of Don Juan (George M. Ridenour) (Reviewed by Robert F. Gleckner, Wayne State University)