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Studies in the History of Music (ed. Egon Wellesz)
Vol. I (1958): Music in Mediaeval Britain (Frank Ll. Harrison)
Vol. II (1959): The Fugue in Beethoven's Piano Music (John V. Cockshoot)
Vol. III (1960): William Lawes (Murray Lefkowitz)
(Reviewed by Frederick W. Sternfeld, Oxford University)

The Dilemma of Being Modern: Essays on Art and Literature (J. P. Hodin) (Reviewed by Van Meter Ames, University of Cincinnati)

Dark Conceit: The Making of Allegory (Edwin Honig) (Reviewed by Alexander Sackton, The University of Texas)

Anna Livia Plurabelle: The Making of a Chapter (ed. Fred H. Higginson) (Reviewed by Walton Litz, Princeton University)

Reflections on a Literary Revolution (Graham Hough) (Reviewed by Jay Martin, Yale University)