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Book Review


Mark Twain-Howells Letters: The Correspondence of Samuel L. Clemens and William D. Howells, 1872-1910 (ed. Henry Nash Smith and William M. Gibson)
Stephen Crane: Letters (ed. R. W. Stallman and Lillian Gilkes)
(Reviewed by Hyatt H. Waggoner, Brown University)

From Jane Austen to Joseph Conrad: Essays Collected in Memory of James T. Hillhouse (ed. Robert C. Rathburn and Martin Steinmann, Jr.) (Reviewed by Alex Page, University of Massachusetts)

Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages: A Collaborative History (ed. Roger S. Loomis) (Reviewed by T. C. Rumble, Wayne State University)

The Cankered Muse: Satire of tbe English Renaissance (Alvin Kernan) (Reviewed by Walter F. Staton, Jr., Southern Illinois University)

The Correspondence of André Gide and Edmund Gosse, 1904-1928. (ed. Linette Fisher Brugmans) (Reviewed by George Ross Ridge, Georgia State College)