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Book Review


VOICE TERMINAL ECHO: Pastmodernism and English Renaissance Texts (Jonathan Goldberg) (Reviewed by Leah S. Marcus, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Reflections on Gender and Science (Evelyn Fox Keller) (Reviewed by Donald N. Mager, Johnson C. Smith University)

Dreadful Pleasures: An Anatomy of Modern Horror (James B. Twitchell) (Reviewed by Jonna G. Semeiks, Long Island University, C. W. Post Campus)

Reconstructing American Literary History (Sacvan Bercovitch) (Reviewed by Thomas Kent, Iowa State University)

"A White Heron" and the Question of Minor Literature (Louis A. Renza) (Reviewed by John E. Bassett, North Carolina State University)

The Post-Modern Aura: The Act of Fiction in an Age of Inflation (Charles Newman) (Reviewed by Jerry Herron, Wayne State University)

Critique of Commodity Aesthetics: Appearance, Sexuality and Advertising in Capitalist Society (Wolfgang Fritz Haug) (Reviewed by H. Bruce Franklin, Rutgers University, Newark)

Irony and Ethics in Narrative: From Schlegel to Lacan (Gary J. Handwerk) (Reviewed by Ross Chambers, The University of Michigan)