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Book Review


A General Rhetoric (J. Dubois, F. Edeline, J.-M. Klinkenberg, P. Minguet, F. Pire, H. Trinon) (Reviewed by Roger Fowler, University of East Anglia)

Saving the Text: Litererture/Derrida/Philosophy (Geoffrey H. Hartman) (Reviewed by Robert Moynihan, State University College of New York, Oneonta)

Endlesse Worke: Spenser and the Structures of Discourse (Jonathan Goldberg) (Reviewed by Michael McCanlse, Marquette University)

Romantics, Rebels and Reactiona1ies, English Literature and its Backg;round 1760-1830 (Marilyn Butler) (Reviewed by Michael Scrivner, Wayne State University)

The Trans-parent: Sexual Politics in the Language of Emerson (Eric Cheyfitz) (Reviewed by Kerry Charles Larson, University of Michigan)

Joyce's Cities: Archaeologies of the Soul (Jackson I. Cope) (Reviewed by Karen Lawrence, University of Utah)

Agon: Towards a Theory of Revisionism (Harold Bloom) (Reviewed by Daniel O'Hara, Temple University)

Donald Barthelme: The Ironist Saved From Drowning (Charles Molesworth) (Reviewed by Charles Baxter, Wayne State University)

Pursuits of Happiness: The Hollywood Comedy of Remarriage (Stanley Cavell) (Reviewed by Dennis Turner, Wayne State University)