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Book Review


Chaucer, Langland, and the Creative Imagination (David Aers) (Reviewed by Paul Strohm, Indiana University)

Tennyson and Clio: History in the Major Poems (Henry Kozicki) (Reviewed by Patrick Brantlinger, Indiana University)

Tennyson and Tradition (Robert Pattison) (Reviewed by Patrick Brantlinger, Indiana University)

Gerard de Nerval: The Mystic's Dilemma (Bettina L. Knapp) (Reviewed by Fernande Bassan, Wayne State University)

Henry James: The Later Novels (Nicola Bradbury) (Reviewed by Laurence B. Holland, The John Hopkins University)

Literary Impressionism, James and Chekhov (H. Peter Stowell) (Reviewed by Paul B. Armstrong, University of Virginia)

Conrad in the Nineteenth Century (Ian Watt) (Reviewed by Todd K. Bender, University of Wisconsin)

Fables of Aggression: Wyndham Lewis, the Modernist as Fascist (Frederic Jameson) (Reviewed by James Naremore, Indiana University)

Vortex: Pound, Eliot, and Lewis (Timothy Materer) (Reviewed by James Naremore, Indiana University)

The Rhizome and the Flower: The Perennial Philosophy-Yeats and Jung (James Olney) (Reviewed by Paul John Eakin, Indiana University)

Just Play: Beckett's Theatre (Ruby Cohn) (Reviewed by Deirdre Bair, University of Pennsylvania)

Wallace Stevens: The Making of tbe Poem (Frank Doggett) (Reviewed by Terrance King, Wayne State University)

A Literature Without Qualities: American Literature Since 1945 (Warner Berthoff) (Reviewed by Philip Stevick, Temple University)