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Book Reviews

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Book Review


Literature Against Itself: Literary ideas in Modern Society (Gerald Graff) (Reviewed by Paul A. Bove, University of Pittsburgh)

Story and Discourse: Narrative Structure in Fiction and Film (Seymour Chatman) (Reviewed by Suzanne Ferguson, The Ohio State University)

Dionysos Slain (Marcel Detienne) (Reviewed by K. R. Walters, Wayne State University)

Sir Philip Sidney: Rebellion in Arcadia (Richard McCoy) (Reviewed by Arthur F. Marotti, Wayne State University)

The Living Temple: George Herbert and Catechizing (Stanley Fish) (Reviewed by William G. Madsen, Washington University)

William Hazlitt: Critic of Power (John Kinnaird) (Reviewed by Alfred Schwarz, Wayne State University)

George Eliot and the Visual Arts (Hugh Witemeyer) (Reviewed by Nina Auerbach, University of Pennsylvania)

The New Woman and the Victorian Novel (Gail Cunningham) (Reviewed by Martha Vicinus, Indiana University)

Olive Schreiner: Feminism on the Frontier (Joyce Avrech Berkman) (Reviewed by Martha Vicinus, Indiana University)

Failure and Success in America: A Literary Debate (Martha Banta) (Reviewed by Ross J. Pudaloff, Wayne State University)

Mark Twain as a Literary Comedian (David E. E. Sloane) (Reviewed by Jeffrey L. Duncan, Eastern Michigan University)

Dos Passos: Artist as American (Linda W. Wagner) (Reviewed by Marcus Klein, State University of New York at Buffalo)