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Book Reviews

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Book Review


Influence in Art and Literature (Göran Hermerén) (Reviewed by Richard Studing, Wayne State University)

Historical Drama: The Relation of Literature and Reality (Herbert Lindenberger) (Reviewed by Philip Traci, Wayne State University)

The Rhetoric of Renaissance Poetry From Wyatt to Milton (Thomas O. Sloan and Raymond B. Waddington) (Reviewed by Joseph H. Summers, University of Rochester)

The Mind's Empire: Myth' and Form in George Chapman's Narrative Poems (Raymond B. Waddington) (Reviewed by Elizabeth Story Donno, Columbia University)

The Common Liar: An Essay on Antony and Cleopatra (Janet Adelman) (Reviewed by Herbert S. Weil, Jr., The University of Connecticut, Storrs)

A Natural Passion: A Study of the Novels of Samuel Richardson (Margaret Anne Doody) (Reviewed by Barbara Garland, University of South Carolina)

The Literatures Of India, An Introduction (Edward C. Dimock, Jr.) (Reviewed by Steven M. Poulos, Detroit)

Skyscraper Primitives: Dada and the American Avant-Garde, 1910-1925 (Dickran Tashjian) (Reviewed by Martin Pops, State University of New York at Buffalo)