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Book Review


The Medieval Theatre (Glynne Wickham) (Reviewed by Robert Edwards, State University of New York at Buffalo)

The Left Hand of God: A Critical Interpretation of the Plays of Christopher Marlowe (John P. Cutts) (Reviewed by Roy Battenhouse, Indiana University)

Oliver Goldsmith: His Life and Works (A. Lylcon Sells) (Reviewed by Morris Golden, University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

The Arts Compared: An Aspect of Eighteenth-Century British Aesthetics (James S. Malek.) (Reviewed by Emerson R. Marks, The University of Massachusetts--Harbor Campus)

The Poetry of John Clare: A Critical Introduction (Mark Storey) (Reviewed by Janet M. Todd, Douglass College--Rutgers University)

In Radical Pursuit, Critical Essays and Lectures (W. D. Snodgrass) (Reviewed by Gertrude M. White, Oakland University)

Surfiction: Fiction Now and Tomorrow (Raymond Federman) (Reviewed by Philip Stevick, Temple University)

Literaturekritik in Theorie und Praxis (H. S. Daemmrich) (Reviewed by Alfred Schwartz, Wayne State University)