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Book Reviews

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Book Review


Modem Latin American Literature (D. P. Gallagher) (Reviewed by Adriana Garciá de Aldridge, The City College of The City University of New York)

George Bancroft (Robert H. Canary) (Reviewed by John Bassett, Wayne State University)

Thoreau as Romantic Naturalist: His Shifting Stance toward Nature (James McIntosh) (Reviewed by Elizabeth Meese, Douglas College, Rutgers University)

Bruce Jay Friedman (Max F. Schulz) (Reviewed by Donald J. Greiner, University of South Carolina)

The Fall of Camelot: A Study of Tenyson's "Idylls of the King" (John D. Rosenberg) (Reviewed by John Pfordresher, Georgetown University)

Into the Demon Universe (Christopher S. Nassaar) (Reviewed by Chris Snodgrass, University of Florida)