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Book Reviews

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Book Review


Art and Experience in Classical Greece (J. J. Pollitt) (Reviewed by Finley Hooper, Wayne State University)

Elder Olson (T. E. Lucas) (Reviewed by Richard E. Amacher, Auburn University)

Enthusiasm: A Study in Semantic Change (Susie I. Tucker) (Reviewed by Paul J. Korshin, University of Pennsylvania)

The Guest Hall of Eden (Alvin A. Lee) (Reviewed by Elizabeth S. Sklar, Wayne State University)

On the Poems of Tennyson (Ward Hellstrom) (Reviewed by Henry Kozicki, The University of Wisconsin-Parkside)

The Endless Fountain: Essays on Classical Humanism (Mark Morford) (Reviewed by John F. Fleischauer, Ohio University)

Milton's Earthly Paradise: A Historical Study of Eden (Joseph E. Duncan) (Reviewed by Lawrence Babb, Michigan State University)

The Christian Poet in Paradise Lost (William G. Riggs) (Reviewed by Lawrence Babb, Michigan State University)