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Book Reviews

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Book Review


Dryden's Poetry (Earl Miner) (Reviewed by J. A. Levine, University of Rochester)

Quests Surd and Absurd: Essays in American Literature (James E. Miller, Jr.) (Reviewed by William C. Spengemann, Claremont Graduate School)

Language as Symbolic Action; Essays on Life, Literature, and Method (Kenneth Burke) (Reviewed by Daniel Hughes, Wayne State University)

The Picaresque Novel (Stuart Miller) (Reviewed by Philip Stevick, Temple University)

Literature and the Delinquent: The Picaresque Novel in Spain and Europe 1599-1753 (Alexander A. Parker) (Reviewed by Philip Stevick, Temple University)

The Fictions of Satire (Ronald Paulson) (Reviewed by George R. Levine, State University of New York at Buffalo)