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Book Reviews

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Book Review


The Novels of Flaubert: A Study of Themes and Techniques (Victor Brombert) (Reviewed by Germaine Brée, Institute for Research in the Humanities, Madison, Wisconsin)

The Portraits of Alexander Pope (William Kurtz Wimsatt) (Reviewed by Benjamin Boyce, )

Validity in Interpretation (E. D. Hirsch) (Reviewed by William H. Gass, Purdue University)

Ford Madox Ford and the "Transatlantic Review" (Bernard J. Polio) (Reviewed by William Wasserstrom, Syracuse University)

Experiments in Life: George Eliot's Quest for Values (Bernard J. Paris) (Reviewed by Arthur C. Young, Russell Sage College)

The English Lyric from Wyatt to Donne: A History of the Plain and Eloquent Styles (Douglas L. Peterson) (Reviewed by Donald L. Guss, Wayne State University)

Il teatro nord-americano (Sergio Perosa) (Reviewed by Alessandra Contenti, University of California, Berkeley)

The Turn of the Novel (Alan Friedman) (Reviewed by Edward Loomis, University of California, Santa Barbara)

The Enclosed Garden: The Tradition and the Image in Seventeenth Century Poetry (Stanley Stewart) (Reviewed by E. A. Newcomb, Wayne State University)

The Other Victorians: A Study of Sexuality and Pornography in Mid-Nineteenth Century England (Steven Marcus) (Reviewed by Robert M. Philmus, Carleton College)