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Dr. Deepak Choprah's keynote address at the National Department of Peace Conference in Washington, D.C. in Feb. 2007.

He went on to say that it is impossible to solve all the world’s problems one at a time. Whatever is happening out there is a projection of what is happening in our collective souls. Today, there is a very deep distress in our collective consciousness. We need a shift in our collective consciousness in order to make real changes in the world.

• We need to evolve into a new way of being. In the history of humanity, there has always been war. We have been a violent species since our hunter/gatherer days to now. We need to sober up and stop romanticizing the human condition. We are living in perilous times where ancient habits, coupled with modern capacities, are a recipe for danger. Thus, modern technology can be used for destruction.

• We have to find a way to evolve our consciousness. We’re the only species that is aware that we are aware. There is a need for a Metabiological Evolution - Survival of the Wisest, which involves the awakening of our dormant inner potential, through shared suffering. If we do not feel anguish for all the suffering in the world, then there can be no compassion. With no compassion, there is no love.

• Love without action is meaningless.


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Dr. Deepak Choprah's keynote address at the Departement of Peace, National Convention, in February of 2007.