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This article examines the undemocratic process of telecommunications divestment in Jamaica and Trin- idad and Tobago. The divestment of the telecommunications sector was largely prompted by each state’s inability to service external debt. Despite espousing the importance of public participation in the ownership of state-owned en- terprises being divested, the governments each limited or excluded nationals from ownership of the telephony com- panies. Divestment of the telecommunications sector was principally undertaken through private negotiations with Cable and Wireless which has historically provided service to former British colonies. This continued colonization of the telecommunications sector is at odds with the democratic structure of both states.


Communication | Economic Policy | Public Administration | Public Policy


This is the author’s final manuscript version, post-peer-review, and formatted for ar- chiving; a definitive version was subsequently published in Gazette: The International Journal for Communication Studies as referenced in the recommended citation.