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An emerging challenge for process safety is process control system cybersecurity. An attacker could gain control of the process actuators through the control system or communication policies within control loops and potentially drive the process state to unsafe conditions. Cybersecurity has traditionally been handled as an information technology (IT) problem in the process industries. In the literature for cybersecurity specifically of control systems, there has been work aimed at developing control designs that seek to fight cyberattacks by either giving the system appropriate response mechanisms once attacks are detected or seeking to make the attacks difficult to perform. In this work, we begin an exploration into the implications of process and equipment design for enhancing the ability of chemical processes to maintain safe operation during cyberattacks on the process control systems.


Controls and Control Theory | Information Security | Process Control and Systems


This is the final accepted manuscript, after peer review but before final typesetting and copyediting, of a paper appearing in the Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design, pages 263-268, and available in its final published form at