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Using metaheuristic optimization methods has enabled researchers to reduce the electricity consumption cost of small water distribution systems (WDSs). However, dealing with complicated WDSs and reducing their environmental footprint remains a challenge. In this study a multi-objective version of Pollution Emission Pump Station Optimization tool (PEPSO) is introduced that can reduce the electricity cost and pollution emissions (associated with the energy consumption) of pumps of WDSs. PEPSO includes a user-friendly graphical interface and a customized version of the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm. A measure that is called “Undesirability Index” (UI) is defined to assist the search for a promising optimization path. The UI also ensures that the final results are desirable and practical. The various features of PEPSO are tested under six scenarios for optimizing the WDS of Monroe City, MI, and Richmond, UK. The test results indicate that in a reasonable amount of time, PEPSO can optimize and provide practical results for both WDSs.


Environmental Engineering


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