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Book Reviews


Coda (Thea Astley) (Reviewed by Stephen Mines, University of British Columbia)

Remembering Babylon (David Malouf) (Reviewed by Peter Knox-Shaw, University of Cape Town)

This is for You (Michael Wilding) (Reviewed by Frank Parigi, University of Arkansas)

The Tenants (Peter Cowan) (Reviewed by Peter Wolfe, University of Missouri)

The Wildlife Reserve (Laurie Clancy) (Reviewed by Nancy Potter, University of Rhode Island)

Raki (B. Wonger) (Reviewed by Robert Ross, University of Texas at Austin)

What I Have Written (John A. Scott) (Reviewed by Nick David Smart, College of New Rochelle)

Albion's Story (Kate Grenville) (Reviewed by Lisa Altomari, Vermont Technical College)

Genetic Soldier (George Turner) (Reviewed by Kelly Burkhouse, Jamestown Community College)

Fire in the Water (Neil Cameron), Aftershocks (Paul Brown and the Workers' Cultural Action Committee), Collected Plays, Volume II (Patrick White), Collected Plays, Volume II (David Williamson) and Brilliant Lies (David Williamson) (Reviewed by Alexandra Cromwell, New York)

Kenneth Slessor: Collected Poems (Dennis Haskell and Geoffrey Dutton, eds.) (Reviewed by Herbert C. Jaffa, New York University)

Black Night With Windows (Nicolette Stasko) (Reviewed by D'Arcy Randall, University of Texas at Austin)

Waving to Hart Crane (Robert Adamson) (Reviewed by Mike Wiley, New York University)

Encyclopedia of Post-Colonial Literatures in English (Eugene Benson and L.W. Connolly, eds.) and New Pacific Literature: Culture and Environment in the European Pacific (John McLaren) (Reviewed by Nicholas Birns, New York)

Identifying Austrlia in Postmodern Terms (Livio Dobrez, ed.) (Reviewed by Philip O'Neill, Pennsylvania State University)

Caught in the Draught: Essays on Contemporary Australian Society and Culture (Veronica Brady) (Reviewed by Marion Spies, Wuppertal University)

Patrick White: Selected Writings (Alan Lawson, ed.) (Reviewed by Carolyn Bliss, University of Utah)

David Malouf (Ivor Indyk) (Reviewed by Philip O'Neill, Pennsylvania State University)

Gwen Harwood (Stephanie Trigg) (Reviewed by Tom Bishop, Case Western Reserve University)

Debutante Nation: Feminism Contests in the 1890s (Susan Magarey, Sue Rowley and Susan Sheridan) (Reviewed by Catherine Pratt, Australian Defense Force Academy)

Memoirs of A Slow Learner (Peter Coleman) (Reviewed by Margaret Boe Birns, The New School)

Daughters of the Pacific (Zohl De Ishtar) (Reviewed by Lenora Foerstel, Maryland Institute College of Art)

Child: The Liberal Party of Australia 1944-1994 (Gerard Henderson) (Reviewed by Derek Parker, Australia)

Australia's First Fabians; Middle-class Radicals, Labour Activists and the Early Labour Movement (Race Matthews) (Reviewed by Nan Bowman Abkinski, Pennsylvania State University)

Bit on the Side: East-West Topographies of Desire (Chris Berry) (Reviewed by Lynda Goldstein, Pennsylvania State University)

The Northern Approaches: Australia in Old Maps (Eric Whitehouse) (Reviewed by Derek Parker, Australia)