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Innovative fiction points in new directions...
Michael Wilding. Under Saturn. Moorebank, Australia: Black Swan Books, 1989. A$17.95
Hariclea Zengos, Clark University

Murnane takes the reader on an island journey...
Gerald Murnane. Inland. Sydney: Picador, 1989. 169 pages. A$11.95.
Patrick Morgan, Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education

Minimalist fiction gains minimal effects...
Robert Carter. The Pleasure Within. New York: Atheneum. 1988. 96 pages.
D. M. Roskies, The University of Papua New Guinea

New fiction questions its own fictionality...
Janette Turner Hospital. Charades. New York: Bantam, 1989. 18.95.
Elaine Barry, Monash University

Quickening offers variety
Brian Matthews. Quickening. Melboure: McPhee Gribble/Penguin, 1989. 215 pages.
Nancy Potter, University of Rhode Island