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Books By and About Women


Penguin Anthology revives some women writers, ignores others...
Dale Spender, ed. The Penguin Anthology of Australian Women's Writing. Ringwood: Penguin Australia, 1988. 891 pages. A$19.99.
Nancy Lee-Jones, Tufts University

"Irresistible" novel offers the comic and the macabre...
Elizabeth Jolley. The Sugar Mother. New York: Harper & Row, 1988. 210 pages. 16.95.
Nancy Engbretsen Schaumberger, Manhattanille, College

Spence questions a woman's role in
Catherine Helen Spence. Mr. Hogarth's Will, intro. Helen Thompson. New York: Viking Penguin, 1988. 439 pages. 12.75.
Shirley J. Paolini, Barry University

Heroine finds bees the answer...
Mary Gaunt. Kirkham's Find. Introd. by Kylie Tennant. Afterward by Dales Spender. First Published 1897, reprinted by the Penguin Australian Women's Library, 1988.
Sue Roff, New York

Posthumous collection provides a fitting memory...
Olga Masters. The Rose Fancier. New York: W.W. Norton, 1988. 135 pages.
Michael Harris, Stetson University

Telling Ways focuses on experimental writing
Anne Couani and Sneja Gunew, eds. Telling ways: Australian Women's Experimental Writing. Adelaide: University of Adelaide, 1988, 107 pages/ 11.00.
Nancy Potter, University of Rhode Island

Myth-based poems both succeed and falter...
Diane Fahey. Metamorphoses. Sydney: Dangaroo Press, 1988. 118 pages including seven pages of illustrations.
Robert Darling, Marshall University

Anthologies broaden perspectives and provide pleasure
Debra Adelaide, ed. A Bright and Fiery Troop: Australian Women Writers of the Nineteenth Century. Ringwood: Penguin Australia, 1988. 251 pages. 14.99.

Lynne Spender, ed. Her Selection: Writings by Nineteenth-Century Australian Women. Ringwood: Penguin Australia, 1988. 259 pages. 14.99.
John A. Weigel, Miami University (Ohio)

In the world of women...
Marian Arkin and Barbara Shollar, eds. Longman Anthology of World Literature by Women, 1875-1975. New York and London: Longman, 1989. 1321 pages. Illustrations, 37.00.
Carolyn Bliss, University of Utah

Lilian is worthy...
Kate Grenville. Lilian's Story. New York: Viking Penguin, 1986. 227 pages. 6.95.
Jane Emery, Stanford University

"Babe" wises up in new short story collection...
Lyn Harwood, Bruce Pascoe, and Paula Whites, eds., The Babe is Wise; Contemporary Stories by Australian Women. Fairfield: Pascoe Publishing, 1987. 313 pages.
Jane Emery, Stanford University