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Book Reviews


Wright’s cygnet-ure achievement eludes conclusions
Alexis Wright. The Swan Book. Artarmon: Giramondo Publishing Co., 2013. 340 pp. A$29.95. ISBN 978-1-922146-41-0
Katherine Mulcrone, Chicago, Illinois

Moral choices in an amoral world
Tim Winton. Eyrie. Melbourne: Hamish Hamilton, 2013. 424 pp. n.p. ISBN 978-1-92642-853
Eric Notaro, Fort Lewis College

Where the knot leads us
Roger McDonald. The Following. Sydney: Vintage, 2013. 260 pp. A$32.99. ISBN 978-1-74275-991-3
Paul Plisiewicz, Coastal Carolina University

At the intersection of love, longing, and war
Jonathan Bennett. The Colonial Hotel. Ontario: ECW press, 2014. 227 pp. n.p. ISBN 978-1-77041-178-4
Danny Dyer, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Images locking and unlocking in hyper reality
Louis Armand. Cairo. London: Equus Press, 2014. 363pp. n.p. ISBN 978-0-95712-137-9
Jennifer Popa, Austin, Texas

The truth is Down Under
Angela Meyer, ed. The Great Unknown. New South Wales: Spineless Wonders, 2013. 177 pp. ISBN 978-0-98744-793-7
Sally Rafson, University of Alaska Fairbanks

To walk a place into the body
Nandi Chinna. Swamp: Walking the Wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plain. Fremantle Press: Freemantle, 2014. A$24.99. 130 pp. ISBN 978-1-92208-948-9
Carolyn Stice, University of Alaska Fairbanks

A transtasman epic
Stephen Oliver. Intercolonial. Auckland: Puriri Press, 2013, 76 pp. NZ $28.50 ISBN 978-0-90894-340-1
Nicholas Reid, University of Otago

I am what I am
Anita Heiss. Am I Black Enough for You? Honolulu: U of Hawaii p, 2012. n.p. 366 p. ISBN 978-0-82484-027-3
Kate Quick, University of Alaska Fairbanks

The current state of English Studies
Leigh Dale and Tanya Dalziell, eds. The English Issue. Australian Literary Studies 28.1-2 (May-June 2013). 178 pages. ISSN 0004 9697.
John Scheckter, Long Island University