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Book Reviews


Gatherers and Hunters (Thomas Shapcott) (Reviewed by Jacob Pinkston, Dunlap, IL)

Jetty Road (Cath Kenneally) (Reviewed by Jessica Bryant, Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Superfluous Men (Michael Wilding) (Reviewed by Brian Keenan, University of Alaska Fairbanks)

Wishart’s Quest (Peter Corris) (Reviewed by Ryan Henderson, Longmont, Colorado)

Ghostly Subjects (Maria Takolander) (Reviewed by Greg Lyons, Geneva, IL)

Speed & Other Liberties (Andrew Sant) (Reviewed by Kelly Manning, Juneau, Alaska)

Vanishing Point (Felicity Plunkett) (Reviewed by A. Frances Johnson, The University of Melbourne)

Last Bed on Earth (Teri Louise) (Reviewed by K. C. Eib, Bremerton, WA)

Miss D and Miss N: An Extraordinary Partnership (Bev Roberts) (Reviewed by Rachael J. Alonzo, Bath, United Kingdom)