The Tyrant's Novel (Thomas Keneally) (Reviewed by Marjorie C. Allison, Western Illinois University)

The White Earth (Andrew McGahan) (Reviewed by A. Digger Stolz, Preston, CT)

The Plains (Gerald Murnane) (Reviewed by Jean-Francois Vernay, Toulouse-Le Mirail University)

The Last Love Story: A Fairytale of the Day After Tomorrow (Rodney Hall) (Reviewed by Sigrun Meinig, University of Bielefeld, Germany)

Geography (Sophie Cunningham) (Reviewed by Erica Keiko Iseri, University of Alaska-Fairbanks)

Toccata & Rain (Philip Salom) (Reviewed by Joanna A. Meyer, New York)

Place of the Paintings (Graham Henderson) (Reviewed by AnnaMarie Christiansen, Brigham Young University-Hawaii)

AfterLife: A Divine Comedy (Donald Denoon) (Reviewed by Shirley J. Paolini, University of Houston-Clear Lake)

Nomadic (Judy Johnson) (Reviewed by D'Arcy Randall, University of Texas at Austin)

Agamemnon's Poppies (Adrienne Eberhard) (Reviewed by Bev Braune, Sydney)

Creating Frames: Contemporary Indigenous Theatre (Maryrose Casey) (Reviewed by Stella Pulo, New York)

Writers in Residence: A Journey with Pioneer New Zealand Writers (Jenny Robin Jones) (Reviewed by Nicholas Birns, New School University)