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Book Reviews


True History of the Kelly Gang (Peter Carey) (Reviewed by Carolyn Bliss, University of Utah)

The House of Breathing (Gail Jones) (Reviewed by Diana Brydon, University of Western Ontario)

The Red Thread (Nicholas Jose) (Reviewed by Nicholas Birns, New School University)

Republic of Women (Merrill Findley) (Reviewed by Donna Coates, University of Calgary)

Scar Country (Rebecca Edwards) (Reviewed by Debbie Cornerford, University of Southern Queensland)

Talking Pictures: Selected Poems (Riemke Ensing) and Wheatlands (Dorothy Hewett and John Kinsella) (Reviewed by Nils Eskestad, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Barefoot Speech (John Mateer) and Seances (Louis Armand) (Reviewed by Tom Bishop, Case Western Reserve University)

The Harbour (Dimitris Tsaloumas) (Reviewed by Jacques Khalip, Duke University)

The Unforgiving Poem (Max Williams) and Collected Poems 1962-1991 (John Bray) (Reviewed by Herbert C. Jaffa, New York University)

Zoo (John Kinsella and Coral Hull) (Reviewed by Susan M. Schultz)

Wicked Heat (Kevin Hart) (Reviewed by Jacques Khalip, Duke University)

A Beautiful Life (Michael Futcher and Helen Howard) (Reviewed by Stella Pulo, New York)

Raising Spirits, Making Gold and Swapping Wives (Michael Wilding) (Reviewed by Steven Brodsky, Suffolk County Community College)

Christina Stead's Politics of Place (Ann Blake) (Reviewed by Adi Wimmer, University of Klagenfurt, Australia)

Voluntary Exiles: From Tamatove to Peking (Joan Rowlands) (Reviewed by Mark Klemens, Case Western University)

The Olympics At the Millennium (Kay Schaffer, ed.) (Reviewed by Martin Wechselblatt, University of Cincinnati)

Australian Cowboys, Roughriders, and Rodeos (Jenny Hicks) (Reviewed by Jim Hoy, Emporia State University)

Talkin' Up To The White Woman: Indigenous Women and Feminism (Aileen Moreton-Robinson) (Reviewed by Lenora Foerstel, Columbia, Maryland)

When Darkness Falls (John Bodey) (Reviewed by Marilyn Strelau, Simsbury High School)

The Odd Couple: Blamey and MacArthur at War (Jack Gallaway) (Reviewed by Charles W. Arnade)

The Birth of Sydney (Tim Flannery, ed.) (Reviewed by Robert Zeller, Southeast Missouri State University)