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Current Issue: Volume 15, Issue 2 (2016)

Front Matter


Front Matter
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Invited Articles

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A New Estimator of the Population Mean: An Application to Bioleaching Studies
Amer I. Al-Omari, Carlos N. Bouza, Dante Covarrubias, and Roma Pal


Preliminary Tests of Normality When Comparing Three Independent Samples
Björn Lantz, Roy Andersson, and Peter Manfredsson


Some Tests for Seasonality in Time Series Data
Eleazar Chukwunenye Nwogu, Iheanyi Sylvester Iwueze, and Valentine Uchenna Nlebedim


An Adjusted Network Information Criterion for Model Selection in Statistical Neural Network Models
Christopher Godwin Udomboso, Godwin Nwazu Amahia, and Isaac Kwame Dontwi


Regularized Neural Network to Identify Potential Breast Cancer: A Bayesian Approach
Hansapani S. Rodrigo, Chris P. Tsokos, and Taysseer Sharaf


Latent Variable Model for Weight Gain Prevention Data with Informative Intermittent Missingness
Li Qin, Lisa Weissfeld, Michele Levine, Marsha Marcus, and Feng Dai


Bayesian Analysis of Generalized Exponential Distribution
Saima Naqash, S. P. Ahmad, and Aquil Ahmed


The br2 – weighting Method for Estimating the Effects of Air Pollution on Population Health
Goran Krstic, Nikolas S. Krstic, and Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini

Emerging Scholar


A Generalization of the Weibull Distribution with Applications
Maalee Almheidat, Carl Lee, and Felix Famoye

Statistical Software Applications and Review

Algorithms and Code

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