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Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2 (2013)

Front Matter


Front Matter
JMASM Editors

Invited Articles


Preliminary Testing for Normality: Is This a Good Practice?
H. J. Keselman, Abdul R. Othman, and Rand R. Wilcox

Regular Articles


Variables Sampling Plan For Correlated Data
J. R. Singh, R. Sankle, and M. Ahmad Khanday


Bayesian Joinpoint Regression Model for Childhood Brain Cancer Mortality
Ram C. Kafle, Netra Khanal, and Chris P. Tsokos

Emerging Scholars


Distribution of the Ratio of Normal and Rice Random Variables
Nayereh B. Khoolenjani and Kavoos Khorshidian

Statistical Software Applications and Review

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End Matter
JMASM Editors

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JMASM 12(2), November 2013


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Dr. Jack Sawilowsky
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