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Founded in 1929, Human Biology is an international, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on research to increase understanding of human biological variation. Among the topics considered by the journal are anthropological, quantitative, evolutionary, and population genetics and genomics; ancient DNA studies and paleogenomics; demography and genetic epidemiology; and ethical and social implications of human genetic and genomic research.

Human Biology is the official publication of the American Association of Anthropological Genetics (AAAG), an educational and scientific organization founded in 1994. AAAG aims to promote the study of anthropological genetics, as this field is broadly defined, to facilitate communication and cooperation between individuals engaged in this field.

Current Issue: Volume 87, Issue 3 (2015)

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Front Matter
Human Biology Editors



Modelling Demic and Cultural Diffusion - An Introduction
Joaquim Fort, Enrico R. Crema, and Marco Madella



Cultural Incubators and Spread of Innovation
Enrico R. Crema and Mark W. Lake


Productivity of Premodern Agriculture in the Cucuteni-Trypillia Area
Anvar Shukurov, Graeme Sarson, Mykhailo Videiko, Kate Henderson, Robert Shiel, Pavel Dolukhanov, and Galina Pashkevich

American Association of Anthropological Genetics

Human Biology 87.3